Algeria’s annual inflation rate at 3.9% late May

July 13, 2021

ALGIERS- The average annual inflation rate in Algeria reached 3.9% late May, the National Statistics Office (ONS) said Sunday.

This rate is calculated on the basis of the evolution of the consumer price index over the period from June 2020 to May 2021 compared to that from June 2019 to May 2020.

As for the monthly variation in consumer prices, which is the evolution of the price index for the month of May 2021 compared to that of April, it is – 0.11%, indicated the Office.

In terms of monthly changes and by product category, the prices of foodstuffs showed a decrease of -0.7%, induced, in particular, by the downward trend in the prices of fresh agricultural products (-2.1%), and this, following the drop in the prices of a large number of products falling within this category, in particular chicken meat (-7.3%), vegetables (-14%) and eggs (-5.2%).

Other products in the same category, on the other hand, recorded increases. These are mainly fresh fruits with (+ 3%) and potatoes with (+ 35%), noted the office.

Regarding industrial food products, prices were characterized by a slight increase of 0.8%, reflecting an increase in the prices of oils and fats (+ 1.2%), sugars and sweet products (+ 1.7%) and breads and cereals (+ 0.8%) last May compared to April 2021.

The prices of manufactured products and services experienced respective variations of + 0.2% and + 0.6%.

By group of goods and services, the prices of the “Clothing-shoes” and “Health and personal hygiene” groups increased by + 0.9% for each group, against + 0.7% for the “Miscellaneous” group. , while the monthly change in consumer prices in the rest of the groups was marked by stagnations.

During the first five months of 2021 and compared to the same period last year, consumer prices have increased by 5.7%. This variation is due to a general increase in the prices of the different product groups.

Foodstuffs thus increased by 6.8%, driven,in particular, by fresh agricultural products (+ 8.7%) and industrial food products (+ 5%).

Manufactured goods and services also experienced the same trend with + 6.3% and + 1.5% respectively. In 2020, the inflation rate in Algeria had reached 2.4% against 2% in 2019, according to ONS consolidated data.

During the last year and compared to the year before, the prices of food goods increased by 0.2%, manufactured goods by 5.3% and finally services by 1.6%.


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