Authorities Order Economic Operators To Expedite The Return Of Containers To Foreign Shipowners

June 9, 2021

Minister of Public Works and Transport, Kamel Nasri, called on Algerian economic operators to return the containers to foreign shipowners “as soon as possible” to avoid paying additional costs in hard currency.

During a press conference on the occasion of receiving the cargo ship “Cirta” in the port of Algiers, Nasri appealed to the Algerian economic operators to return the containers to foreign shipowners in the “soonest possible time” to allow them to use their ships in transporting goods again.

The minister explained that “the delay in returning the containers leads to problems and the payment of additional costs to foreign shipowners, as each day of delay costs the country significant sums in dinars and hard currency, in addition to the consequences of these additional costs on the prices of the cost of imported consumer products.

“Algerian economic dealers must return these containers as soon as possible to solve this unacceptable problem”, he added.

Nasri also urged Algerian economic operators in the public and private sectors, to resort, “if possible”, in the context of import and export operations, to the national maritime transport institutions to reduce costs in hard currency.

In this regard, the Minister asserted that the efforts are made within the framework of the scheme which aims at activating the national pavilion to allow national shipowners to reach between 23% and 25% of the national market shares related to maritime transport of goods, which is currently estimated at six (6%) per cent.

“Algeria is very much looking forward to achieving a higher figure thanks to other investments in the sector”, referring to the export activity, which, according to him, will witness “a boom in the coming months and years”.


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