20 Thousand Billion Centimes… “Grabbed” By French Alstom Company In Algeria!

May 2, 2021

The security services specialized in combating financial and economic crime have wrapped up their investigations into the corruption file related to the deals concluded by the French company “Alstom” with the Sonelgaz Company, the “Metro” and “Algeria Tramway”, with a total financial value of more than 20 thousand billion centimes, for the completion of the electricity generation stations and the metro Algeria as well as civil engineering works, transport equipment and infrastructure for tramways in the cities of Oran and Constantine, provided that the file will be referred to the judicial authorities in the next few days.

According to what Echorouk’s sources revealed, the investigations in the Al-Hal file lasted 48 months, due to the difficulties and hurdles that the investigating team faced due to the partial granting of the required documents and obstacles in checking some details and backgrounds due to the collusion of a number of parties with those involved in the al-Hal file.

The investigation, which was initiated by the security authorities, was based on documented information received by the Sonelgaz company regarding the conclusion of deals with the French company “Alstom”, with a total value of more than 300 million euros, for the completion of power stations in Relizane, as well as the modernization of the electricity production station in Marsa El Hajjaj in the western province of Oran, in addition to the huge deal represented by the completion of Ain Temouchent’s power station for a total cost of more than 6 billion DZD, compared to 536 million Euros.

This is for a completely similar and equivalent power station, which is almost the same as the deals concluded by Sonelgaz with the Italian company, Ansaldo, specializing in the electricity sector, with an estimated financial value of 1 .5 billion dollars for the completion of the power stations in the province of Blida, with a generating capacity of 560 megawatts, for a total amount estimated at 700 million dollars, in addition to the Hassi Messaoud power plant with an estimated financial value of 250 million euros, and the Setif, Batna and Fikriina power plants.

The relevant case is being investigated by the research group of the Algiers gendarmerie.

As for the second part of the investigation regarding the deals concluded by the bankrupt French company “Alstom”, after the scandal announced by the Swiss judicial authorities that officials of the French company paid millions of dollars in bribes in exchange for obtaining projects in several countries, including Algeria, between 1995 and 2003.

The first concerns a contract with the Algerian Metro Corporation, worth 623 million euros, which allowed the company to ward off the specter of its bankruptcy, which was almost certain at the end of 2003, and the second contract was related to the latter’s obtaining two deals to deliver two tram systems in the cities of Oran and Constantine, including civil engineering works, transport equipment and infrastructure, with a value of more than 840 million euros for the Oran project, and more than 870 million euros for the Constantine project, which the French company was due to provide with the relevant equipment and the system of exploitation.


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