Italian WebConference On Algeria’s Economic Growth Beyond The Hydrocarbon Sector

April 27, 2021

A web conference will be held here on Tuesday in the Italian capital, Rome, will study the opportunities and capabilities that Algeria has and what Italian companies can gain to develop cooperation between the two countries, especially beyond the hydrocarbon sector. It will be titled “Algeria looks forward … the transition and prospects beyond the hydrocarbon sector.”

The publishing director of the Italian magazine “Africa and Business” that launched the initiative, Gianfranco Belgrano, told Echorouk that this seminar on Algeria was also coordinated with the Italian Embassy in Algeria and the Agency for Foreign Promotion and Internationalization of Italian companies “ICE”.

Gianfranco-Belgrano explained that the web conference devoted to Algeria will discuss the opportunities available in this country, support and strengthen economic cooperation between Algeria and Italy, especially in sectors beyond hydrocarbons, such as renewable energies, transformational food industries, telecommunications and digitization.

“A videotaped dialogue will be broadcast by the Minister of Renewable Energies, Chams Eddine Chitour, on an axis related to renewable energies and energy transition in Algeria, and the content of the magazine “Africa and Business” for the edition of April 2021, which is devoted entirely to Algeria, will be presented”.

The Visio conference will be titled “Algeria looks forward … the transition and prospects beyond the hydrocarbon sector.”

It will focus on the future cooperation that awaits Italy and Algeria in light of the new foundations that Algeria has begun to lay, according to the same magazine, and the establishment of an economy that goes beyond natural resources, with a focus on sectors such as renewable energies and the transformational food industry, and to discuss ways to open the doors to Italian industry and knowledge, to enter Algeria, whether in terms of trade or investment.

The conference will be attended by the Italian Ambassador to Algeria, Giovanni Pugliese, Director of the Agency ICE Algeria, Gabriele Barone, Marco Perida, Executive Vice President of “Eni”, and the Head of International Affairs for the Middle East, North Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, Barbara Soli, and Director of Sales at Africa Telecom Sparkle, Gerardo Grelle.

For months now, the Italian ambassador to Algeria, Giovanni Pugliese, has been holding very intensive meetings with ministers, party officials and economic actors in many sectors in Algeria.

For many years, Italy is the first customer of Algerian exports, of which gas and oil make up the largest proportion, and it also ranks high among the suppliers of various products to Algeria.


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