Algeria: Number of new vehicles to be imported, financial envelope allocated unveiled

January 25, 2021

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Elsecom group, Abderrahmane Achaibou, revealed the number of vehicles that Algeria will import in 2021.

In a statement to the press, this Friday, January 22nd, 2021, the Chairman and Managing Director of Elsecom group, revealed that “the quota for imports of new vehicles has been set at two (2) billion dollars”, adding that this number will allow Algeria “to import between 150,000 and 180,000 new cars during the year 2021”.

Referring to the shortage of cars in the automotive market since 2016, Achaibou said “this crisis was caused by the former Industry Minister, Abdelssalem Bouchouareb”.

With regard to the brands of cars that will be imported, the CEO declined to provide none of the details.

As for the new specifications, the same official assured that “the current modalities of exercising the import activities are reasonable and consistent”.

Car import: The declarations of minister ai ali

Industry Minister Ferhat Ait Ali Braham tackled, Thursday, January 21, 2021, several points concerning the importation of new vehicles, which has spilled much ink in recent months.

Speaking to the National Television, the Minister said, at the outset, that all commercial brands worldwide are permitted to enter the market, provided they meet all the technical conditions in force.

As such, he explained that his services have laid down a multitude of practical and legal rules in order to ensure client protection.

Among these rules, the Minister cited the obligation for the importer to hold 100% Algerian capital. It is, also, banned for foreigners to carry out the activity of the importation and distribution.

Regarding the practical conditions, the head of the industrial sector stresses that they are aimed at customer protection with regard to delivery, quality and after-sales services.

On this point, Ait Ali explained that the legal rules stipulate, among other things, the delivery of the vehicle within a period of 7 days, from the day of payment of the full price of the vehicle.

Returning to import, the Minister announced that the technical committee, under his department, will hold a meeting next week to study other applications for automotive importation.

PM Djerrad’s instructions:

Prime Minister Abdeleziz Djerrad issued, Wednesday, January 20, 2021, new instructions to the Industry Ministry concerning the import and manufacture of automotive in Algeria.

During the government meeting chaired by PM, this latter instructed Industry Ministry to speed up the processing of vehicle importers (dealers) and manufacturers.

“The Prime Minister, Mr. Abdeleziz Djerrad instructed the Minister of Industry to speed up the pace of processing the files (dealers and vehicle manufacturers) submitted to the technical committee at the level of his sector and to ensure the requirement of transparency in this area “, read the press release sanctioning the government meeting.




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