French Consulate In Algeria Announces Strict Travel Procedures To Slow Covid19 Progression

January 18, 2021

France imposed strict measures on foreign nationals, including Algerians who are wishing to enter its lands, to stem the spread of the Covid19 pandemic.

In a statement posted on its official Facebook page, the French Consulate in Algeria announced measures to limit the entry of foreigners into the French soil, to reduce the number of coronavirus infections in the world.

“Strict travel restrictions are needed to slow the progression of the epidemic around the world, due to the very active circulation of the COVID-19 virus and its variants. Therefore, any international travel – from abroad to France and from France to abroad – is totally and strictly not recommended until further notice”, the French consulate to Algeria said.

“Every urgent travel for compelling reasons is nevertheless necessary, but must be reinforced with respecting sanitary conditions and should be observed to limit the spread of the virus”, it explained.

“Decree n ° 2021-31 of January 15 specifies the terms. As of January 18, 2021, at midnight (French time), any person eleven years of age and over travelling to France by air or sea from Algeria must: Present on boarding the result of a biological virological screening test (RT-PCR test) carried out less than 72 hours before departure (the departure of the first flight in case of a connecting trip) not concluding that there is contamination by covid-19. Antigenic tests are no longer accepted”.

“Present to the transport company, before boarding, a sworn statement certifying that he/she does not show any symptoms of infection with covid-19, that he/she is not in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the fourteen days preceding the trip, and that he/she undertakes to respect a quarantine of seven days after his/her arrival in France in accommodation of which he/she will give the address and that he/she undertakes to perform, at the end of this period, a virological screening biological examination allowing the detection of SARS-CoV-2 (RT-PCR test).

“The model of this declaration will be available very soon on the website of the Interior Ministry. No exemption will be granted by the French consular services in Algeria if the RT-PCR test is available in Algeria.




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