Algeria Denies Any Interference In Tunisia’s Domestic Affairs

September 9, 2020

The Algerian Ambassador in Tunisia, his Excellency Azzouz Baallal, denied the existence of any interference by Algeria in the Tunisian internal affairs, stressing that “Algeria is neither affected nor influenced by the political situations in neighboring countries,” but he spoke of “gains made since 2011”.

The Algerian diplomat Azzouz Baallal said, Algeria “ hasn’t among its habits to issue judgments and assess the situations of other countries, since this is a kind of interference in internal affairs, and that Algeria does not offer lessons, in exchange for its refusal to others to interfere in its own affairs” .

The ambassador responded in the negative to a question asked to him in an interview with the Tunisian private radio station “Mosaique”, yesterday, related to the Algerian role, and how it adapts according to the results produced by the elections, by saying, “It is certain that since 2011 there have been gains.” Otherwise, this is a kind of interference in internal affairs and we do not offer lessons and refuse to others to interfere in our affairs. What we reject for others we reject for ourselves”, he stressed.

On another question related to the extent to which Algeria is affected by the results of the elections in Tunisia, the ambassador said, “We are not affected by the results of the elections, there is continuity, and we do not change our positions by changing situations in a country or changing the situation on the ground. Elections, “he also stressed,” are one of the tools of democracy by choosing people to rule them”.

In a “rare” media appearance, as is the case with the majority of Algerian ambassadors, the ambassador indicated that there is interest in the Tunisian issue, considering the geographical location of the two countries and their common history, stressing that the two countries’ relations are exceptional and unique, and linking this to the mixing of the blood of the lofty martyrs in the liberation war.

The ambassador also dwelt on the recent rumors about stopping the supply of gas to Tunisia due to debts owed by the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company, and confirmed that it was a fake news that spread quickly on social media and was denied by the Tunisian Energy Ministry, adding that there is a positive response and understanding between Sonatrach and the “Stag” companies.

The ambassador hinted that there is an “intention” to cause confusion between the two countries, by promoting this rumor, despite the Tunisian government’s haste to deny what has been circulated, knowing that the information related to Algeria’s halting of gas exports to Tunisia was spread by a news website run by an Algerian journalist residing in France, who was convicted by court rulings.

With regard to the evacuation of the Algerians who have been stuck in Tunisia for months and Tunisians residing in Algeria with the beginning of their school return, the ambassador explained that 2,000 Algerians have been evacuated by land and air since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, adding that the evacuations had recently been expanded to include Tunisian families residing in Algeria.

Regarding the Tunisian-Algerian position and coordination regarding the Libyan file, Azzouz Baallal said, “The two countries are in agreement in the assessment, analysis and solution as well, and it is certain that the Libyan issue concerns first and foremost the neighboring countries because of the rapprochement and similarity in cultures and history”.

“We are for a peaceful solution that the Libyans are making on their own, and we reject foreign intervention and support the preservation of Libyan sovereignty … Algeria is one of the advocates of goodness and the sparing of the bloodshed of the Libyans,” he said.

The Algerian ambassador in Tunisia also underlined that his country has no ambitions in Libya, and its only agenda is the stability and safety of this brotherly country, considering that coordination is still continuing on this issue between Tunisia and Algeria.


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