Sonatrach Takes The First Step to Invest in Niger

June 22, 2022

Sonatrach is expected to take the first step to invest in the State of Niger for its subsidiary “Sonatrach-Cypex” in the framework of a partnership between Sonatrach and the Nigerien Oil and Gas Company, in January 2023, as “ENAFOR” will be in charge of drilling exploration wells within the framework of the integrated service. The National Exploration Corporation “ENAFOR” is responsible for drilling tasks and all works at the level of wells in this workshop, says CEO Mohamed Benzar.

In an interview with the magazine “BAOSEM”, the “ENAFOR” official argues that the institution he represents is focusing primarily today, as part of its efforts to expand its activities in the international market, on renewing equipment and training workers, following the standards of the drilling professions that are globally approved.

The CEO confirmed that ENAFOR ” owns 52 drilling machines in its fold, which is a very acceptable number in terms of equipment, including the 3000HP device, the only one of its kind in Algeria and Africa, which has high drilling capabilities, up to 10.000 meters, and is also available on 3-inch bars.

“To maintain this barn, the Corporation invests heavily in the field of maintenance by creating a new organization for the company and a management scheme, based on bringing in competencies, which enabled the discovery of a new field in partnership between Sonatrach and Eni, where “ENAFOR” used the 54 drilling rig in the Berkine Basin. The company has extensive experience today, after Sonatrach’s partners in the past preferred to deal with a foreign drilling company, but the situation has changed today, as ENAFOR has gained extensive experience in the field, which enabled it to reach the percentage of integration in drilling equally to 100%, which is a very important step”, he added.

“We are proud of this achievement and we value it like other achievements, led by the certification process we underwent during 2020, specifically in September, which allows us today to work in any region of the world, even though it was very costly in terms of money”.

The official talked about opportunities for drilling in this field in Libya and the Gulf states, but the file that has witnessed more progress recently is an investment in Niger, where the first step will be taken to invest in this country for the account of Sonatrach-Cypex in the framework of a partnership between Sonatrach and the Nigerian Oil and Gas Company in January 2023, when “ENAFOR” will be in charge of drilling and exploration wells within the framework of the integrated service.

“The Directorate of Maintenance for Petroleum Equipment is constantly vigilant to renew the equipment and make it conform to the requirements of work standards, especially since there are special standards in this field. The same official appreciates the “API” certificate, which extended the opportunity to exploit this equipment for 10 years”.

The company focuses on local spare parts in its work, and its employees who are assigned to this task were subjected to the LWCF certificate, in addition to ensuring the training and improvement of their level daily, a certificate that is required by all Sonatrach customers and partner groups”.

Benzar confirmed the importance that the company attaches to training, setting an example in this context in the partnership that was concluded with the University of Ouargla, adding that “ENAFOR seeks to bring all drilling machines into service, a goal that has been achieved, in addition to achieving zero accidents. However, thanks to the vigilant action plan, no serious accidents have been recorded for 3 years”.

The official of the Sonatrach branch says: “We want to achieve a higher turnover of DZD 50 billion, given the positive results achieved in 2022, and despite the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in 2020, but the results were stimulating in the recent period. The company also aims to reduce expenses and acquire new stages. In the projects, to achieve greater profitability and reduce project delivery times.


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