Oran hosts 33rd conference of Arab General Insurance Federation

June 6, 2022

ALGIERS- Convention Center “Mohammed Ben Ahmed” in Oran is hosting the works of the 33rd conference of the Arab General Insurance Federation, with 1,200-plus participants representing 56 insurance and reinsurance companies from 39 countries, the organizers announced on Saturday.

The conference, which is organized under the auspices of Prime Minister Aïmene Benabderrahmane, under the slogan “The new situation and its implications for the insurance industry: What are the challenges and are there opportunities for the Arab insurance market?”, will discuss four axes related to the health crisis and its effects on the global insurance market, the insurance gap and technology transformations as well as the organization of insurance management in addition to emerging risks and insurance products.

In addition to the new situation and its repercussions on the insurance industry, the participating officials of Arab insurance and reinsurance companies and their guests from several continents will discuss topics related to the challenges faced by the insurance and reinsurance industry in Arab countries in recent years.

It is expected that during this four-day meeting, a new board of directors will be chosen for the Arab General Insurance Federation, which will implement the recommendations and decisions issued by the conference and meet after the end of the proceedings to choose the venue and date of the 34th session.

The city of Oran was chosen to host the 33rd conference of the Arab General Insurance Federation during the General Assembly of the 32nd conference held in Tunisia and was scheduled for October 2020 before it was postponed due to the Corona virus pandemic until 2021 and then the current year.


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