Tightening Preventive Measures At Airports And Seaports To Curtail Spread Of Covid 19

November 23, 2021

The increasing number of coronavirus infections in Algeria has led to a re-tightening of precautionary measures in all public facilities across the country, in addition to imposing new measures at airports and seaports, based on strengthening the border control system for entry into Algeria, for fear of a possible epidemic wave that may arise.

Well-informed sources confided to “Echorouk” that, in the context of preventive health measures, imposed by the increase in cases of infection in the European neighborhood of Algeria, and the return of infections to more than 100 cases in the territory of the Republic, all security teams operating at the air and maritime border crossings, have been informed about applying strict instructions stressing that they should not be lenient in implementing the laws to the letter.

Travelers coming from abroad to Algerian soil will have to present a vaccination card and a “PCR” test with a negative result, in addition to “double examination by thermal cameras, electronic thermometers, and quick tests that guarantee the results of confirmed analyses of whether or not the virus is present, and this upon arrival in Algeria.

The number of medical teams in Algeria’s ports and airports was doubled. An unprecedented strengthening of the control system was noted at the level of Ahmed Ben Bella International Airport in Oran, and the imposition of the required documents and the necessary checks for those coming from Spain and Paris. The data available to us indicates that this strict control measure comes in light of fears that a new wave will be launched in Algeria, because these measures are being implemented in most European and Arab countries in particular, in terms of adopting the vaccination card, as a condition for travel abroad, or to enter enclosed public places and facilities.

An official source at Oran International Airport told “Echorouk” that at the present time, multiple waves break out in Europe, and according to previous experiences, whenever a new Corona virus wave breaks out in Europe, there is a possibility that it will reach Algeria after about two months or less.

In this context, Hussein Wazaa, a specialist in preventive medicine in the Directorate of Health in Oran and a member of the vaccination committee, said that the epidemiological conditions, to date, are stable in Algeria, but the possibility of a new epidemic wave remains possible, given the cold weather that contributes to the rapid spread of viruses,

Youcef Boukhari, Director of Prevention, in a statement to ”Echorouk”, indicated for his part that there is no way to bypass the launch of a new wave except by adhering to precautionary measures and accelerating the vaccination process, not to mention resorting to early detection in the event of symptoms of corona virus.

Our interlocutor added that strengthening control at airports and ports is a measure that falls within the context of a regular field assessment, careful tracking of all daily developments marked by Corona virus infections, and taking the necessary measures to safeguard the health of citizens.

According to Mr. Boukhari, all the strict measures that are announced are aimed at “preserving the important gains” that have been achieved in addressing the pandemic, after the authorities’ decision to lift quarantine and restrictions on movement within the country, and the return of all socio-economic activities.




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