Paypal and ExpandCart unveil global cross- border sales opportunities in MENA region

November 4, 2021

ExpandCart has announced collaboration with PayPal to unveil global cross- border sales opportunities in the Middle East and Africa (MENA).

ExpandCart’s merchants can now offer their customers a quick and secure international payment gateway. The collaboration is aimed at further democratization of the payment landscape in the MENA region and inclusion of local merchants in the global economy.

“The ExpandCart platform always seeks to provide the best e-commerce solutions for entrepreneurs in the MENA region,” stated Amr Shawqi, ExpandCart CEO. “We have set a clear vision at ExpandCart to simplify the process of buying and selling online through smart online stores, and to facilitate every step to our customers in starting their own business; from creating the store, adding products and integrating with payment and shipping companies, to receiving the first orders and delivering products to the customers’ hands.” Matt Komorowski, Senior Director Channel Partnership of PayPal, added “While the physical world closed borders, the digital economy only became more integrated and cross-border sales have never been more relevant. In collaboration with ExpandCart, we are delighted to offer MENA small and medium businesses an accessible gateway to the global e-commerce market.” The collaboration encourages digital financial inclusion and improves digital payment experiences for ExpandCart store owners and shoppers.

“During the recent year and a half, the world faced a dynamic digital acceleration as new consumption patterns developed. New online purchasing trends evolved as consumers embraced lockdown survival mode and now these are permanently adopted habits,” added Matt Komorowski.

PayPal is one of the most trusted brands across all payment providers . Its users are almost three times more likely to purchase on a site where PayPal is available, while half have abandoned a purchase if PayPal was not there. Through this integration, ExpandCart store owners can potentially tap into 370M+ active consumer base across 200 markets.

ExpandCart is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the Middle East, it provides all the digital & e-commerce services that merchants need in one place with high quality.

ExpandCart supports merchants, individuals, and large and medium-sized companies in the Middle East to reach their customers and sell internationally more easily and smoothly.

With more than ten years of experience, and an extended success in forty countries, ExpandCart's partners have achieved sales of more than seven billion dollars. ExpandCart is looking forward to more joint successes through its collaboration with PayPal.




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