Minister of Industry meets with accompanying bodies of industrial branches

August 17, 2021

Algiers- Minister of Industry Ahmed Zeghdar held, today, Sunday, meetings with officials of some of the organizations accompanying the industrial branches, namely the Technical Center for Food Industries, the Industrial Technical Center for the Mechanical and Transformed Industries of Metals, as well as the National Consultation Council for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises, according to a ministry press release.

During these meetings, Mr. Zeghdar touched on the mechanisms used by these bodies to accompany small and medium-sized enterprises active in specialized technical branches and fields.

On this occasion, the Minister clarified the importance and role of these bodies in accompanying public and private institutions, for the advancement of the national industry, stressing at the same time the need to “make more efforts for greater efficiency of these bodies, especially with regard to management, governance as well as coordination between them and the various economic institutions.”

In this aspect, the Minister expressed his understanding of the many obstacles facing these bodies, especially during the health crisis that the country is going through, calling for finding “urgent” solutions to resurrect and develop their activity in accompanying economic institutions, especially in the field of mechanical industries, metallurgy and food industries, given what they possess equipped laboratories, which are reliable in quality control when importing or exporting.

In the same context, Mr. Zghdar stressed that “his ministerial department will accompany and support these bodies in their established programs,” noting the importance of relying on national expertise and university competencies to implement these programs, especially since these bodies are a vital mediator between universities and industrial institutions, according to the press release.

It is noteworthy that by holding these meetings, the Minister of Industry will have concluded a series of meetings with officials of the bodies affiliated to the Ministry.


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