Only 7 Days To Respond To Bank’s Requests For Import And Investment In Health

August 3, 2021

• Banks received strict instructions to respond to import and investment requests related to the health sector in a record circumstance, and it concerns primarily pharmaceutical products related to managing the Corona virus epidemic crisis, as importers and investors must receive a response within a maximum period of a week to facilitate the arrival of products that witness a scarcity in the market as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the meetings of the loan study committees continue at the level of banks despite the difficult health situation, as the latter meets an average of once a week, that is, 4 times a month, knowing that in the previous period they met only twice a week.

• Sources related to the file told Echorouk” that the meetings of the loan study committees are continuing at the level of banks despite the difficult health situation, while taking the necessary precautionary measures such as the physical distancing and the wearing of masks between the executives, and the sources add that “it is not possible this time to go back to the zero point and freeze the meetings, especially since the next stage is expected to witness the launch of the economic recovery plan, which has been frozen for more than a year.

• The same source explained that the committees meet once a week compared to twice a week in the past – that is, before the third wave of Corona – virus pandemic while 10 percent of the files they study are related to investments and import procedures related to the health sector.

According to the same source, the banks received instructions to expedite the decision on the health investment files, as they are studied in full swing and to provide accurate responses to the applicants within a week at the latest, in order not to disrupt any initiative that would contribute to solving the Corona virus crisis, or reducing the number of cases.

Its negative effects, especially in light of the expansion of the area of infection with the new mutated “Delta” variant, where all facilities are provided to file owners, simplification of administrative procedures and lifting barriers that would obstruct the ongoing process.
• In a related context, the activity of banks at the agency level continues naturally while taking the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus among employees, such as measuring the temperature of all arrivals to the agencies and the compulsory wearing of masks, physical distancing and sterilization, while conducting media and awareness raising campaigns to convince citizens of the electronic options available to them to do in various banking operations via the electronic payment card “CEB” or via a mobile phone, without moving from home to preserve their health, reduce effort and gain time.
• On the other hand, the measures taken by the government to stop late fines and postpone the payment of installments continue with the beginning of the epidemic for bank customers from small and medium sized enterprises and economic dealers, and this is with the aim of removing embarrassment from these investors in this difficult stage during which many of them incur major losses, and others who are facing today, financial crises have not yet been able to get rid of their consequences, which prompted the government to take a decision to continue exemptions and privileges until health conditions improve and things return to the way they were before.




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