Algeria, March 7, 2020


Algeria Calls The IMF To Help The Low-income, Emerging-market Countries To Fight Coronavirus

A general framework for rapid action that includes financial support should be developed to cope with the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic, and paying special attention to fragile countries, Algeria Bank Governor Aymane Ben Abderrahmane, said in his speech during a session of the monetary and financial committee of the International Monetary Fund.

Ben Abderrahmane welcomed the initiative of the Director-General of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva, in the search for an answer that is generally consistent with this global threat.

“A general framework must be developed for rapid action, including financial support in close coordination with other international bodies, and with special attention that is given to fragile countries that suffer from financial and logistical problems to confront this crisis, while seeking to meet development challenges and face other external shocks”.

The International Monetary and Financial Committee, which is consisting of 24 countries, including Algeria, held an emergency session on Wednesday, March 4, 2020, through remote lectures that are headed by Georgieva and the Governor of the South African Reserve Bank, the periodic president of the International Monetary and Financial Committee.


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