Algeria, March 1, 2020


Continued efforts to determine sectors whose products are eligible for export

SETIF- The Minister Delegate responsible for Foreign Trade, Aissa Bekkai, said Thursday in Sétif that his ministerial department continues its efforts to “determine the sectors whose products are eligible for export excluding hydrocarbons”.

“The mechanical industry and the manufacture of spare parts, the pharmaceutical and processing industry are among the sectors whose products can be exported,” said the Minister Delegate at the opening of a study day on “Mechanisms of diversification and development of exports and their effects on economic growth”, organized in the Mouloud Belkacem conference room by the regional trade department, in coordination with Ferhat Abbas University.

In this regard, Mr. Bekkai added that the strategy set in motion will be encouraged in coordination between all the sectors linked to exports thanks to “the adoption of laws making these products more competitive”.

The deputy minister, also, considered that the commercial dynamics of the wilaya of Sétif constitutes “another hope” which can contribute to modify the reality of Algerian exports.


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