Algeria, September 11, 2019


El-Hadjar complex: Measures to enhance iron ore supply

ALGIERS – Several measures have been decided to increase, as of Monday the supply of the Annaba-based El Hadjar Steel Complex with iron ore, announced the ministry of Industry and Mines in a communiqué.

At a meeting chaired Sunday by the Minister of Industry and Mines, Mrs. Jamila Tamazirt, and bringing together the leaders of the groups Imetal, Sider Annaba and MANAL as well as representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, it was, in particular, decided to put in place, as of Monday, the means and logistics needed to increase the rate of supply of the iron ore from the Ouenza and Boukhadra mines and build up stocks to supply the complex.

Participants in the meeting also decided to reinforce the means of transport through the SNTF contribution at the rate of 50 trucks / d, to convey the ore of Iron to the complex and maintain adequate inventory levels, according to the press release.

To this end, a follow-up committee, comprising all stakeholders, has been set up to take charge of the aspects related to the supply of iron ore, transport and the setting up of the necessary logistics at the complex and the mines.

The committee will set up a monitoring system for ore stocks to avoid similar situations, the ministry said.

After six days of shutdown, due to the decline of raw iron stocks to a level that does not allow the continuation of its activity, following technical problems, the blast furnace of the complex Sider El-Hadjar was restarted Sunday after the transport of iron ore to the complex which will reach 120,000 T in the first phase, recalled the same source.


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