Algeria, September 7, 2019


Coorperation project between Algeria, Italy for management of Habibas Islands

ORAN (Algeria)- A cooperation project between Italian and Algerian institutions is under preparation to develop a standardized management template of the marine protected area (MPA) of Habibas Islands in Oran (432-km west of Algiers), said leading members of the marine ecological association Barbarous, a co-manager of the area.

This action is part of the SPAMI project concerning the cooperation agreement between the United Nations Environment Program (UN Environment) and the Italian Ministry of the Environment, Territory and Sea, aimed to develop and strengthen the capacity for effective management of MPAs, said the Secretary General of the Oran Association, Amine Chakouri.

“Twinning activities have been initiated between the Italian SPAMIs / MPAs and the SPAMIs / MPAs of the Mediterranean sub-regions of which Italy is part”, he explained, adding that these twinnings aim to promote networking and the standardization of management through the sharing of experiences between twin ASPIMs / AMPs, capacity building and involvement of civil society organizations.

A working session, with the aim of setting up a standardized management model, was held last Thursday, with the participation of the marine ecological association “Barbarous”, in its capacity as co-manager of the Habibas Islands, officials of the Ministries of Environment and Renewable Energies and the National Coastal Commissariat, on the Algerian side, and managers of the Tavolara-Punta Coda Cavallo Reserve on the other side (Italy).

“This project should further strengthen the cooperation between the managers of the Habibas Islands and gradually involve the other actors of the sea in the future management processes of the Habibas MPA,” he said.

This project reflects the commitment of the institutions in charge of managing MPAs and their partners to optimize the management of MPAs and involve all stakeholders in the sea, he added.


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