Algeria, August 31, 2019


Algeria-Japan: Common will to raise economic cooperation, political relations

YOKOHAMA (Japan) – Algeria and Japan have been working in recent years to increase their cooperation in the fields of trade, economics and science, through the search for effective and diversified partnership opportunities given the potentialities that Algeria has, according to specialists.

Relations between Algeria and Japan date back to 1958 with the opening of the representative office of the National Liberation Front (FLN) in Tokyo before the establishment of official diplomatic relations in 1962.

The two countries are now aware of the importance of strengthening their cooperation, both in a multilateral framework such as the 7th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD), to which Algeria regularly takes part.

During his visit to Algeria in December 2018, the head of the Japanese diplomacy had expressed the will of his country to further expand the establishment of Japanese companies in Algeria, to contribute to industrial diversification, which is “a high priority “for Algeria.

“We agreed to move forward with the investment deal, as well as with the area of ​​non-double taxation,” he said.

In the international community, Algeria is “an important factor” for Japan, said the Japanese official, hoping for an “active participation” of Algeria at the summit of the Tokyo International Conference on the development of Africa (TICAD7).

Regarding the political dialogue, the Japanese Foreign Minister said that his country attaches “special importance” to relations with Algeria, which contributes “to the stability of North Africa and the Middle East”.

Algeria, for its part, insists on the presence of Japanese investments, given its economic potential, its infrastructure and its geographical and strategic position, all essential factors that encourage a greater “Japanese presence in Algeria.

Following his meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, on the sidelines of the TICAD 7 work, Mr. Bedoui said that “the future of relations between Algeria and Japan will be prosperous given the level of cooperation, “expressing” the strong will of the two parties to raise it to the highest level in the service of the interests of the two countries and the new dynamic that Algeria is experiencing thanks to its wealth and potentialities. “.

The Algerian Prime Minister noted “the great willingness of both countries to promote partnership at the highest level, especially in economic areas”, highlighting the existence of “successful bilateral experiences”.

He stressed, in this sense, the imperative “to accelerate the establishment of an economic commission between the two countries”.

In addition to bilateral cooperation, Algeria and Japan are involved in more global cooperation, particularly in the context of TICAD.

Algeria, which participated in previous editions of TICAD, is a key partner in the consultations aimed at restoring peace in the continent, and ensuring its development, starting from its weight, its place, and its potentialities in various areas.


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