Algeria, March 7, 2019


Creative and MTN partnership seeks to design and scale mobile solutions for Africa’s under-served populations

Creative Associates International and multinational mobile telecommunications company MTN will collaborate to pilot and scale digital solutions to development challenges.

A memorandum of understanding combines Creative’s expertise in education, economic growth, peacebuilding and digital development with MTN’s experience in digital innovation and its mobile network in 21 countries across Africa and the Middle East.

“This partnership brings together passion, experience, ingenuity and the ability to scale technologies that can respond to development challenges today and in the future, whether in agriculture, education or elections,” says Leland Kruvant, President and CEO of Creative.

Leading the joint venture is the Creative Development Lab—a unit that specializes in big data, geographic information systems, media, education technology and financial technology—and MTN’s Digital Innovation team, with experience in user base, product development, innovation and investment, among other areas.

The two companies say they will work together on a range of projects, including data analysis, mobile money, tech start-up acceleration, hackathons, technology-based education solutions and reaching underserved populations, among others.

“Aid and the private sector need to work hand-in-hand to leverage each other’s strengths since development is a shared human and enterprise goal,” says Ayan Kishore, Director of the Creative Development Lab. “Working with an African-born powerhouse that is committed to the continent’s growth and has the platform to do so is a tremendous opportunity for development. It is exciting to see the alignment of the innovation agendas of our teams.”


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