Algeria, February 20, 2019


Djalloul Hadjimi: “Mosques Need 5,000 Imams, Students Of Zawiyas Are Jobless”

Religious Affairs’ sector is noticing a large shortage of supervision in all fields, the National Coordinator of Imams’ Syndicates and Religious Affairs Employees, Djalloul Hadjimi, said.

“This needs the opening of competitions to employ 2,000 imams, as stated in the general policy statement, which is not yet applied”.

On the subject, the National Coordinator of Imams’ Syndicates and Religious Affairs’ Employees, said in a phone conversation with Echorouk, Tuesday, that their syndicate raised the demand to lift the number of supervisors in mosques to the Religous Affairs’ Ministry many times, after the registration of a severe shortage of imams, religious guides, preachers and teachers of the Koran”.

“In the sector of the imamate, for example, we have a shortage of about 5,000 imams, without talking about the rest of the supervisors. The number of employees in this sector does not exceed 30.000 at the national level”.

Commenting on the opening of a competition for the employment of 2000 imams in the future, as stated in the public policy statement that is presented before the National People’s Assembly, Hadjimi responded saying: “The subject to date is only ink on paper, and was not confirmed by the Minister of the sector.”

On the other hand, he called for the provision of financial positions for students of Zawiyas and graduates of institutes of Islamic Sharia, “instead of leaving them jobless and homeless in the street”, adding that the training of 100 imams professor and 100 teachers only through 13 training institutes, and for nearly three years, “is very few”.

On another subject, the National Coordinator of Imams asserted that the dialogue sessions which they hold with the Minister of Religious Affairs “are nearing completion, with only one or two remaining sessions.” After that, the results of coordination meetings between the imams and the Minister of Religious Affairs will be announced with written records, as requested by the imams’ syndicate.

As for the optimism of the syndicate to achieve positive results for dialogue, he added; “We have fulfilled our promise to calm down the street from the wrath of the imams, and the ministry has yet to fulfill its promises to us”, considering that the problem lied in the implementation of the results of dialogue sessions on the ground, “We hope it will not to be just a dead letter, because our mobility depends on the final results”.


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