Algeria, February 6, 2019


Air Algerie Company Sells Three “Junk” Planes, Suspended From Activity, To American Dealers!

The National Airline Company “Air Algerie” has disbanded several of its old aircraft, which have reached over 25 years of age, by signing a deal with US dealers for the sale of three 767 aircraft and thereby gathering new financial resources for the acquisition of modern aircraft.
The transformation of the public company into an economic complex with four distinct branches is the Company’s standing a project, which has however remained on the backburner for the last 3 years.
According to Echorouk’s sources stemming from the Company, Air Algerie is now bracing to complete the relevant modernization program by developing the new branches and acquiring more aircraft in order to muster enough new revenues to cover the necessary financial package aimed at creating two additional up to date branches.
In so doing, Air Algerie struck an agreement with US dealers on the sale of three of its old 767 aircraft, while the company is moving towards the wrapping up of the ground services branch and the shipping cargo section, in addition to the Catering branch, initially set up in 2015 in addition to the upgrading of the maintenance branch which was established in 2016.
Air Algerie has suspended the restructuring project launched in 2015 to transform the company into a large four-branch economic complex.
This follows the departure of former General Manager Mohamed Abdou Bouderbala, who in turn created the catering branch and completed part of the Maintenance branch and technical services, but a new study has been re-placed on the table by the current Director General meant to revive the project, in line with the Government’s pledge to open a new international Airport shortly, which is expected to discharge the excess staff at the airline Company as the newly-created branches will henceforth have to depend on self-financing.
According to the same sources, in addition to the adoption of a new policy to revitalize its various branches, to achieve market profits and the ability to compete with foreign airline companies by significantly reducing the proportion of arrears and ensuring renewal of the fleet, the company has decided to get rid of all its old aircraft or those facing technical problems.
A new program for the acquisition of additional aircraft is expected to be ready by next summer coinciding with a heavy demand for flights notably towards the holy sites of Islam in Saudi Arabia as part of the upcoming pilgrimage season and towards various destinations in Europe, the same sources added.


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