Algeria, December 24, 2018


Sonangol and Total sign agreement to distribute fuels

The Angolan National Fuel Company Sonangol and Total have signed an agreement in Luanda in the 'downstream' segment, with an emphasis on logistics and distribution of refined petroleum.

On the occasion, the president of the Sonangol board of directors, Carlos Saturnino, said it was a new company formed by the two concessionaires that will act in the market for the distribution of refined products and related activities, in order to materialize the strategy outlined by the executive.

This process is part of the implementation of the competition law and is a step towards the liberalization of activities to the downstream sector, with emphasis on logistics and distribution, with the opening of the first refueling station in Luanda.

'Total is better known in Angola with upstream activities and from now on it will also have its downstream activity and other activities that will follow, and that more companies are expected in the coming times to act in this area, aiming for more qualities and lower prices, 'he said.

For his part, Total Marketing and Services President for Africa, Stanista Mittelman, said it was a very important agreement, since it will capture the beginning of a new activity for Total in Angola in several segments, starting in the retail network with 45 fuel stations, in urban areas and on highways.

'The activities will also be developed in the area of general trade, distribution of lubricants and when conditions are created later goes to the civil aviation sector and to logistics and import level, he said.

For you, this project is a strategy to extend Total to relevant markets, with significant growth rates in which Angola is a part.

With 4,500 fuel pumps in Africa, Total is an actor of choice and excellence, hence it is proposed to pass on its experience, its practices in sectors such as shops, service stations.

In Angola, Total began operations in 1952-1953, when it received the first concession, on the Angolan onshore and offshore - Kwanza Basin and Lower Congo Basin.

Currently, Total E & P Angola - the country's 1st oil company, with production estimated at 700 thousand barrels / day and already has projects in the pre-salt (Kwanza Basin), which proves its capacity to respond to the objectives for which proposes.


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