Algeria, December 23, 2018


Opening of investigation on quality of mineral water “Texanna”

An investigation concerning the quality of mineral water, marketed under the brand name “Texanna”, was opened by Jijel province’s relevant services, said an official at the province’s Direction of the trade.

“The investigation was opened following reports of the presence of residues visible to the naked eye in a bottle of mineral water, commercialized under brand name “Texanna,” added the same source, noting that the necessary analyzes will be run on this mineral water.

According to the same official, in case of confirmation of any anomaly in this bottled mineral water, “preventive measures will be taken to protect the consumer and his health”.

The factory, of private status, which produces the mineral water “Texanna”, is located in the village of Rekkada Metletine, part of the municipality Texanna, 22 km south of Jijel.


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