Algeria, November 8, 2018


Lagos State Government seeks partnership to develop ICT cluster

Speaking at the ICT Cluster Visioning Workshop, Mr. Hakeem Fahm, the Commissioner for Lagos State Ministry of Science and Technology, said the Lagos State Government is seeking partnerships to develop an innovation cluster known as KITE in Yaba, a city situated in the state.

Earlier in the year, the state government announced the commencement of the Yaba ICT Cluster project, known as KITE, which stands for Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Fahm, who is the Project Steering Committee co-chair said that “there is a need for the involvement of multiple private and public-sector stakeholders in the vision that will lay the foundation for successful partnerships that will accelerate the development of a technology and innovation cluster within the Yaba District and enable wealth creation, employment growth and economic development through Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship”.

The Commissioner noted that much of the growth in the digital technology space could be attributed to the bold and revolutionary ICT initiatives of the state government.

Fahm said “the need to optimise this potential for digital technology to drive economic transformation in the state for the benefit of the entire country has birthed KITE@Yaba, a project aimed at transforming the Yaba technology cluster into a leading source of technology innovation”.

He added that “KITE seeks to provide an enabling environment that will facilitate and support the development of a technology and innovation ecosystem within the Yaba District (and its surrounding environs) of Lagos”.

Speaking on the initiative, Dr. Omobola Johnson, the Project Steering Committee co-chair and former Minister for Communication and Technology, said “it was important to create a vision influenced and supported by the experiences of the project stakeholders as a way of taking future ownership of the project”.


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