Algeria, November 8, 2018


Issad Rebrab: “Investment In Algeria Is A Priority… I Don’t Have An Alternative Homeland”

The CEO of the Algerian Cévital complex, Mr. Issad Rebrab, confirmed that his portfolio provides for numerous investment projects that will be launched in Algeria shortly besides the projects now underway.
He pointed out that the project for the manufacture of membranes and stations of pure industrial water, inaugurated on Wednesday by French President Emmanuel Macron, will have a corresponding project in Algeria, in addition to another pharmaceuticals manufacturing project to be implemented in the Dar El Beida suburban municipality east of the capital Algiers.
He said that his next bet is to have a foothold in the US market through the energy sector, specifically in partnership with the multinational company “Shell” operating in the fields of gas and oil.
Business leader Issad Rebrab who presented the French President with the membrane manufacturing industry, providing for the production of ultra-purified water, the treatment of seawater and industrial water, said that he is betting on the German Falcon technology to enter the US market and to seal partnership projects with the Chinese in the Algerian market.
“The next stage will be the introduction of new industries, including the pharmaceutical industry through a plant that will be based in the Dar El Beida area, as well as taking over the former headquarters of Hyundai, in addition to another project in the western province of Oran, as well as myriad of other projects in the energy sector in Algeria,” Mr Rebrab told Echorouk on the sidelines of the launch of his new industrial project in north-eastern France.
In his statement to ‘Echorouk”, Mr. Issad Rebrab underlined that no matter what he invests abroad, his conviction remains firmly embedded that investment in Algeria is a top priority.
He added that every country is built only with the hands and sound initiatives of its own people. For him, there is no other country but Algeria.
He said he is confident that the desired national development will be achieved, stressing that hard work and perseverance will doubtless shore up the national economy and help Algeria penetrate foreign markets as part of sustained profit-yielding export activities.
Mr Issad Rebrab has thus launched his third investment project in France. The latter is a three-unit plant for the manufacture of membranes and the ultra-pure water industry, which is used in the pharmaceutical industry as well as seawater and industrial water treatment using Falcon technology acquired by the Cévital complex from Germany.
The project is expected to create around a thousand job opportunities in the very near future.


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