Algeria, November 8, 2018


Algeria, France keen to further develop non-hydrocarbon investments

The Algeria-France Chamber of Trade and Industry (CCIAF), chaired by recently-appointed Michel Bisac, seeks to further develop France’s non-hydrocarbon investments in Algeria and business relations.

“Our goal is to show French investors that Algeria is a country of the future,” said Bisac during a press briefing Tuesday in Algiers.

Asked about the business climate in Algeria, Mr. Bisac replied that the French business leaders who had the opportunity to visit Algeria, were surprised by the “serenity” that characterizes the country’s economic environment.

“Despite the changes in laws and regulations, French businessmen still have the desire to invest in Algeria. We are there and we will adapt ourselves to new regulations,” he said.

For him, it’s time to come and invest in Algeria, “a market of more than 40 million consumers”.

Thus, the CCIAF works to highlight the investment opportunities that exist in Algeria and to guide French business leaders to succeed in their business.

In addition, Mr. Bisac said that the CCIAF, which today has 210,000 employees, has a turnover of more than two (2) billion euros.


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