Algeria, October 30, 2018


Air Algérie Raises Fees On Baggage Weight Excess From 6 To 9 Euros Per Kilogram-

Air Algérie launched a new system of fees on the weight of travelers’ baggage on its flights that are connecting Algeria and some countries, especially French cities, from 6 to 9 euros.

The action that is taken by Air Algerie, represented by the Revenues Department of the Commercial Section, concerning the lifting of the excess of baggage weight in these flights, came after the decision to reduce the weight of luggage that is allowed from 46 to 30 kg for all destinations.

In the details of the procedure, official sources in Air Algérie told Echorouk that the value of the fee per kilogram was set at DZD 900, or 9 euros, from 6 euros, or DZD 600, on the flights that are connecting Algeria and French cities like Marseilles, Bordeaux, Nice , Montpellier and Toulouse, while passengers with baggage exceeding the permitted weight and heading to Lyon must pay DZD 1000 per additional kilogram, corresponding to 10 euros.

For the flights to the northern French cities like Paris, Lille and Metz, along with the city of Mulhouse in the far east known as the density of the Algerian community residing there, the traveler and the person carrying the luggage with extra weights must pay DZD 1100 (11 euros).

In terms of baggage, it remained the same, as it varied from country to country according to destinations. For France, the first class passenger is allowed to carry 40 kilograms of luggage and for the economic class passengers can have 30 kg,

For Europe, Morocco and Tunisia, it is 40 kilograms for business and economic classes 30 kg, for the Middle East 40 kg for first and business classes, and 30 kg for the economic class.

For the United Arab Emirates, the first and the business classes are assigned 3 pieces of 23 kg and two pieces of 23 kg for the economic class.

For China, the load is set to two levels of economy and business with a weight of 23 kilograms for two pieces, and the same procedures is applied for Canada.

Direct flights to Africa are set at 40 kg for the first and business classes, and 40 kg for the economic class except for Libya, where 30 kg is specified.


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