Algeria, October 8, 2018


KiteBnB expands to South Africa in partnership with AccelerAfrica

Travel tech startup KiteBnB, launched in 2015, is an online marketplace for kitesurfing accommodation. Following the first investment, the startup is slightly changing its business model. KiteBnB now offers only handpicked accommodations and focuses on the most relevant kitesurfing destinations. KiteBnB will be expanding into South Africa and Mauritius through AccelerAfrica, a business development company that helps technology companies from Europe to penetrate the African market ina a smooth, fast and cost efficient manner.

There are no fees or set-up costs to work with KiteBnB, but only the best hosts will be invited to join the portfolio. By being exclusive and limiting the number of properties for every destination, KiteBnB ensures that each of the hosts receives the maximum exposure and maximizes their bookings. KiteBnB will roll out destination by destination, starting with South Africa in 2018.

“We have decided to value quality over quantity and to geographically narrow our focus to several key kitesurfing destinations. KiteBnB Destination Manager visits each property in person and puts it into the right budget category. Kitesurfers and other watersports lovers are now able to choose from a broad portfolio of accommodations, from Budget to Standard, to Premium and Luxury. The property classification is of course based on the kitesurfers’ point of view” said Pascal Kuehnhenrich, Co-Founder of KiteBnB.


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