Algeria, October 4, 2018


Algeria Decides To Open Private Investment To Restore European Tombs

Work is under way to “restore the land of the European tombs, and so far 13 of them ere recovered, the Religious Affairs and Endowments Minister, Mohamed Issa, said, on Monday.
On the purpose of this procedure, Mohamed Issa said during his visit to Medea; “it is about transferring it from places of death to places of life, and to enable investors to exploit them in accordance with contracts that were concluded with the Religious Affairs Ministry, as they are endowments”.
In this context the minister added; “Investment is even open to foreigners with the establishment of companies according to the rule 51/49.”
“We do not have the authority to review any basic law for any employee in the Religious Affairs, because all the reviews of the laws are frozen,” Issa said.
Issa said that his ministry is moving forward in activating the Waqf property and investing in it; “To be a third developmental endowment alongside the public and private sectors”.
“All the waqf lands are abstract and registered and we are working to retrieve other files at the level of judicial institutions”.
On the question of the imams who are marginalized in the capital, the spokesman said that the ministry “refused to renew the volunteers, including the 55 mosques in the capital, while the permanent imams were invited to adhere to the national line. I invited them to keep those who are committed and to fire those who have not yet complied with our invitation”.


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