Algeria, September 25, 2018


MTN Zambia, Astria Learning pact connects youth to college education

The renewed partnership between Astria Learning, a global e-learning solutions provider and Zambia’s telecommunications company, MTN Zambia has seen a larger percentage of Zambia’s economically challenged young adults obtain a college level education online.

Astria Learning has created an online learning management system that is accessible by students through partner institutions, including colleges and universities; with MTNZ now offering these same students free Internet access to complete their online studies, more students than ever before have the opportunity to expand their education and positively impact their future.

Currently supporting more than 500,000 online students in nine different countries, Astria Learning is the world’s fastest-growing educational company; their e-learning solutions have been designed with students in mind, providing guidance beyond simple academic instruction.

Astria Learning’s solutions can be custom-tailored to specific needs, as the mindsets, behavior patterns and overall goals of different types of students have already been considered during development of these solutions.

The majority of Zambia’s institutes of higher learning, including colleges and universities, already incorporate Astria Learning’s learning management system into their distance learning courses.

Utilizing this holistic approach gives students a far greater likelihood of long-term success in obtaining their degree-oriented goals, regardless of their geographical location or infrastructural limitations.

MTN Zambia is a member of the MTN Group that is currently operating in 22 countries in Africa and the Middle East. MTNZ is in all 10 of Zambia’s provinces with 4G, 3G, Edge and 2G networks.

With 48 percent market share, MTNZ is a trusted company that is renowned for its affordable competitive pricing systems and high-quality network. MTNZ is committed to uplifting the lives of the people in communities in which it operates, as demonstrated through their partnership with Astria Learning.

Due to the cost of Internet access which is prohibitive for many students and their families, MTNZ has offered to provide sponsorship for the costs of Internet access to the Astria Learning site, allowing students completely free online access to Astria Learning’s online e-learning solution system.

Astria Learning’s and MTNZ’s partnership provides a foundation for lasting impact in the lives of countless numbers of economically challenged youth and young adults in Zambia.

No longer limited by social or economic status, the online education these serviced students will be able to obtain is likely to improve the well-being of entire villages, leading toward the betterment of lives of extended family members in their communities. Never before have students in such remote locations within Zambia’s 10 regions had access to such high-quality college level educational material, all at no cost.

This is a remarkable move that will hopefully inspire other similar partnerships around the globe, all in service to the goal of providing everyone who has the desire the opportunity to expand his or her educational opportunities.


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