Algeria, June 27, 2018


Projected Revamping Of Book Of Conditions Of Vehicle Assembling Factories

Finance Minister Abderrahmane Raouya revealed new measures to be imposed on car manufacturers in Algeria, including the possibility of reviewing the relevant book of conditions in the near future.
“There will be restrictive measures to regulate this sector of activity, especially after Article 6 of the additional Finance Bill of 2018 was dropped, Mr. Raouya said in response to a question about Algeria’s automobile assembly activity on the sidelines of the MPs’ vote on the adoption on Monday of the additional 2018 Finance bill.
Article 6, which was voted out of the relevant Bill, provides for “the exemption from the value added tax of 19 per cent on domestic vehicle dealerships.
“In this context, it is possible to review the book of conditions regulating the assembling of new cars,” Mr. Raouya added after the parliamentary voting session.
“We leave the matter to the Ministry of Industry and Mines to address this outstanding file,” he further underlined.
Mr. Abderrahmane Raouya, also indicated that by voting unanimously for the deletion of Article 6 of the Draft additional Finance Law of 2018, the National People’s Assembly is “sovereign” in decision-making.
On the policy of support, the Finance Minister asserted that the support of the State will remain “continuous”, explaining that the study on the file’s review and its conveyance to the interested social groups “is still ongoing”.


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