Algeria, June 12, 2018


Must Uganda Change Its “Pearl of Africa” Name To “Small Africa”?

  • The name “Small Africa” is not only a broad day light mockery of Uganda but is also poised to demean Uganda thereby sabotaging tourism there. A tourist psychologically expects more worthiness in a Pearl of Africa than in Small Africa.

  • Can “Bad” Choices Make “Good” Results?

    Have you ever made a bad choice and it turned into a good result, or, a good choice and it turned into a bad result?

    Human beings have an infinite number of choices to make on a daily basis. Choices of what to wear in the morning, choices of whether to clean the desk at work, choices of what to eat for lunch, choices of whether to take a bus or cab, choices of whether to give a coin to the street child that approaches you, choices of whether to tell your work-mates how your weekend went, choices of whether to get angry at the nagging work-mates, choices of whether to post on social media.

    Some choices are made consciously while others are not premeditated.

    Whether the result of the choice turns out to be bad or good is significantly independent of whether the choice was made consciously or unconsciously but largely depends on how the choice is framed.

To illustrate how language and framing of the choice affects choice, consider the hypothetical scenarios below:

A. Imagine that you are a physician working in an African village, and 600 people have come down with a life-threatening disease.


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