Algeria, June 9, 2018


Algeria Records A Decline In “Law And Order” Index

Algeria scored 79% of the Gallup Index of Law and Order, which measures whether people feel secure in 142 countries across the world.
The 2018 report on law and order in the world that was published Thursday in Washington shows that Algeria obtained 79 out of 100 in 2017 and 90% in 2016.
The “law and order” index measures the sense of security at the personal level and experiences of crime.
The classification was based on telephone interviews and face-to-face views of 142 countries with 148,000 people, according to the Washington-based think tank.
The Institute’s opinion poll was based on four questions, in particular the assessment of people’s confidence in the police forces and the degree of security at night at the level of their neighborhoods and areas.
This year, Singapore ranked first in the list as the first safe country in the world, with 97 points from 100, followed by Norway, Iceland and Finland with 93 out of 100 each, while the United States and France received 84 out of 100 each.
For the second year in a row, Venezuela scored the worst score of 44 out of 100, reflecting the continuing crisis in the country.
Afghanistan, South Sudan, Gabon, Liberia and South Africa are considered to be the most dangerous countries, according to the same report.
Overall, 69% of respondents around the world believed that they had confidence in their police and 68% felt safe for walking alone at night.
According to the report, 13% of the persons who were interviewed said they were victims of theft and 5% were assaulted.
According to regions, as in previous years, Latin America and the Caribbean continued to have the worst results (62 out of 100) in 2017 compared with 64 in 100 years 2016.
The Institute noted, on the other hand, that the responses of people and external actions are associated with economic and social development.


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