Algeria, April 23, 2018


How Glitz Africa failed to honor a fashion icon at the 2018 Ghana Women Awards

2018 Ghana Women Awards had no one within the fashion spheres honored and that puts concerned hearts like mine panic-stricken considering the fact that the Gala was powered by Glitz Africa.

The event which took place last night at the Labadi Beach hotel honored several women in the various industries from politics, health, media excluding fashion icons which gives us justification for our presumption.

For a brand like Glitz Africa, which stands currently as the only structure that holds the helm of Fashion in Ghana, or perhaps the leading fashion brand which highlights the life of the contemporary African, it becomes very disturbing if an award to celebrate women in the social, economic and political fields who did exceptionally well in the year under review neglects the effort of at least one fashion stakeholder.

Considering the fact that Glitz Africa has always been about the fashion; how much that waist is cinched, how far that slit parts ways to the pelvis and about that silhouette you can create with an outfit, It is a clear detour they have taken.

That not withstanding, we do express our immense appreciation for the fact that women, in particular, are being appreciated in their respective spheres that is an ode to the feminist movement. The only issue here is that we’d love the fashion mavericks to get an effigy for all the slaying they’ve been doing.

The list for tastemaker ranges from Nana Akua Addo, who has trended and made news every time she strutted on the red carpet and has even had a review piece from BBC which really shows how much of a controversy her style reeks. PISTIS, the luxury brand that has always made the likes of Joselyn Dumas, Shirley Frimpong, and Samira Bawumia really seem chick at every event.

In the wise words of Nikki Giovanni 'Art is to cultivate taste, not for the cultivated taste’’ it’s a big scare to these style mavens.

How Glitz Africa failed to honor a fashion icon at the GWA

As to if this is just a deliberate decision not to give style a side eye for consideration or perhaps another franchise for the giant fashion empire to only gear their gaze to women outside fashion making an impact, the lines are yet to be blurred.


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