Algeria, April 3, 2018


China, Algeria to enhance cooperation in aerospace field

China said Monday that it expects to boost its cooperation with Algeria in the field of aerospace technology.

Yang Baohua, deputy general manager of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, said that China expects substantive cooperation in other follow-up projects in the field.

Yang and other representatives from China took part on Sunday in an on-orbit delivery ceremony for Algeria's first communication satellite, Alcomsat-1, with the Algerian Space Agency.

Alcomsat-1 was sent to the scheduled orbit from China's Xichang Satellite Launch Center on Dec. 11, 2017. Afterwards, both sides conducted satellite on-orbit testing and completed an on-orbit review.

This project is an important manifestation of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Algeria, Yang said, adding that it created a good precedent for increased cooperation between the two sides in the aerospace field.

He said the successful delivery of the satellite is the result of a four-year hard work by scientists and researchers of scientific institutions from both countries.

With a designed life of 15 years, Alcomsat-1 will be used by Algeria for broadcast and television, emergency communication, distance education, e-governance, enterprise communication, broadband access and satellite-based navigation.


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