Algeria, April 2, 2018


Algeria vows to confront challenges of energy, food, water security

Algerian Energy Minister Mustapha Guitouni said Sunday that his country's economy and development depend on solving the triple challenges of energy, food and water security.

Guitouni made the remarks at the opening speech on the first International Conference on Renewable Energy, Energy and Food Security that kicked off on Sunday in Algiers.

Guitouni noted that Algeria enjoys significant non-exploited conventional hydrocarbon resources, adding his ministry 'works on expanding the oil and gas reserves through the intensified exploration efforts.'

The minister pointed out that the North African nation is facing increasing demand for clean water, due to population growth and the improvement of lifestyle. Water resource is also essential for the development of agricultural and industrial sectors.

In this context, he recalled that since the year 2000, the government has established 11 sea water desalination stations providing some 2 million cubic meters of water per day, or 20 percent of the total need of the country.

Regarding the challenge of food security, Guitouni admitted that Algeria's food trade balance suffers significant deficit as the country depends on imports, especially in terms of cereals and milk.

He noted that the government has the potential and capacities to address this issue through, essentially, boosting agriculture, streamlining consumption chain system and handling its management, notably by resorting to scientific research and innovation.

He also argued that the triple challenge of energy, water and food security must be addressed by also prioritizing the training of human resources in a bid to offer skilled and experienced managers and staffs in these sectors.


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