Algeria 2, March 20, 2018



The mercurial of recent weeks is slightly down for some market garden products, but for others it is rather the rise.

Wholesale market prices for fruits and vegetables, which supply the capital and those displayed on retail stalls, have not fluctuated with a few exceptions. This is at least what the National Observatory of agricultural and agri-food sectors (Onfaa) says in its last note of conjuncture.
In the Vegetable Register, which saw a drop in prices compared to the first month of the current year, the Office indicated that decreases were registered for potatoes, tomatoes and zucchini.
Thus, the potato which was proposed at an average price per kilogram, at the level of wholesale markets, from 35.9 AD in January, it rose to 36.7 AD the following month, but at the retail level , the tuber declined during this reference period. According to the Office, the average price of the potato rose from 45 DA to 42.5 DA. For tomatoes, the average wholesale market price in January was 42.5 DA / kg and rose to 41.2 DA kg in February while at retail, the kilogram rose from 60 to 58 on average. DA / kg.
As for zucchini at the wholesale market, it was 50.6 DA / kg to see its price drop to 49.5 / kg DA and retail from 70 to 65 DA / kg.
On the record of price stagnation, garlic is registered since, according to the same source, its average price did not change at the level of wholesale markets (575 DA / kg) and retail (625 DA). / kg). Same case for orange: 87.5 DA / kg wholesale and 115 DA / kg retail. This is also the case for the apple, proposed wholesale at 202.5 DA / kg and retail at 250 DA / kg. Similarly for the Deglet Nour displayed in bulk at 585 DA / kg and retail at 675 / kg DA.
Regarding the range of increases, we find the carrot with an average price at the wholesale level of 23.1 DA / kg to climb to 26 DA / kg and also retail because from 30 to 33 DA / kg.
As for the onion, the wholesale market was proposed at 30.6 DA / kg and increased to 32.5 DA / kg and retail from 39.4 DA / kg to 40.5 DA / kg. It should be noted that in this note of conjuncture there is no indication on the price of red meat or white? That said, it should be noted that currently the stalls of retailers in fruits and vegetables are extremely abundant, which explains the fact that the supply is important, but still it is that the mercurial remains This could be dissipated if we take into account that market gardening will continue to be important in volume for several more months.
In sum and if this is confirmed, we can already advance the idea that the mercuriale will register in the coming weeks a significant decline, except for the potato because we are in the lean season, that is to say, in the period between the seasonal and the supplementary harvest, the production of which is not sufficient to meet the demand of the market. And so, apart from the case of the potato, the mercurial, in the coming weeks, will be all for the benefit of households. But
unfortunately, this will not be the case for the red and white meat market, whose retail prices are becoming increasingly exorbitant, and could be even more so as import volumes of red meat frozen will be lower than they were before. This means that fathers will no longer have this alternative of falling back on the imported meat product. They will only have chicken left over. But here too, prices could rise dramatically. First index in this sense: the price per kilogram of chicken emptied still remains above the 350 DA mark. An average price because in some big cities of the country, it is around 400 DA. In other words, many consumers will have to increase their budget for protein consumption. Will they be able to do it in these times of lean cows, while their purchasing power has been greatly reduced in recent years?


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