Algeria, January 11, 2018


Executive decree on list of products concerned by import suspension published in Official Journal

The executive decree on the designation of goods subject to import restrictions has been published in the Official Journal No. 1. Dated 7 January 2018, this legislation notes that the import of the concerned products 'is temporarily suspended until the balance of payments is stabilized again.'

The list includes 851 of products in 45 categories of goods.

The goods concerned by import suspension encompass dried fruit, cheese (finished products), fresh fruit (except bananas), fresh vegetables (except garlic), meat (except beef), tuna, maize by-products, meat preparations, chewing-gum, candies and chocolates, pasta, pastries, cereal by-products, canned vegetables, prepared or preserved tomatoes, jams, jellies, preserved fruits, food preparations, mineral waters, cement, detergents, finished and semi-finished plastic products, sanitary products, marble and granite, toilet paper, carpets, finished ceramics , ice-cream and glassware, combine harvesters, taps, wire, furniture, chandeliers, household appliances and mobile phones.

In addition to suspending the import of these 851 products, tariff measures were introduced part of governing imports.

These measures, provided for by the Finance Act 2018, relate to the extension of the list of goods subject to the Internal Consumer Tax (ICT) at a rate of 30% for 10 categories of finished products.

The aforementioned goods include salmon, unshelled dried fruit and other dried fruits, spices, sweets, confectionery, extract and gasoline preparations (liquid and others), digital modems and decoders, fire warning devices, electrical warning appliances and computers.


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