Algeria, January 10, 2018


A Nigerian travel startup is trying to open up Africa’s tourism market to Africans

One of the many difficult things about traveling within the continent for Africans is the sparse pool of affordable hotel selections available for booking. It’s not that these hotels don’t exist, it’s that very few online booking platforms have enough information on such hotels.

Global travel booking platforms with operations in Africa often list only the most expensive hotels in a bid to capture foreign business travelers and luxury tourists which make up a sizable portion of Africa’s international arrivals. But, a Nigerian hotel booking platform is looking to plug that gap and is expanding its service Africa-wide. It now lists nearly 27,000 hotels across the continent.

While other platforms mostly focus only on high-end resorts and luxury hotels, will be looking to provide average consumers with a wider range of options of moderately priced hotels. “That gap is huge,” Mark Essien, CEO, tells Quartz.


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