Algeria, December 28, 2017


Algeria Now Meeting Only 70 Pct Of Its Food Requirements

Algeria's agricultural production is able to meet only 70 per cent of the country's food requirements and the challenge now is to target strategic crops to meet the needs for staple foods, reduce imports and revive exports, says the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fishing, Belkacem Chadi.

'Algeria currently covers more than 70 per cent of its needs for food through domestic production. Surplus in production also enabled Algeria to be present on the international market for dates, olive oil, vegetable products, potatoes and fruits,' said Chadi at a panel discussion on agriculture and food-processing held here Tuesday on the sidelines of the 26th Algerian Food Production Exhibition.

According to Chadi, the reforms launched by the Ministry over the last two decades, as part of a series of five-year economic development programmes, have allowed the sector to achieve 'very encouraging' results.

Presenting a report on the sector's achievements between 2000 and 2016, Chadi stated that the production of cereals increased from 9.3 million quintals (930,000 tonnes) in 2000 to 34.3 million quintals (3.43 million tonnes) in 2016, up by 268 per cent.

Meawhile, the value of agricultural products reached more than 3,000 billion dinars in 2016, or nearly 30 billion US dollars, from 359 billion dinars (5.0 billion USD) in 2000. Agriculture currently contributes 12 per cent of Algeria's gross domestic product (GDP) against 8.0 per cent in 2000, he added.


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