Algeria, December 4, 2017


Bill on Health: “Improvements,” “shortcomings” underlined

The “improvements” and “shortcomings” in the bill on health, which will be submitted to the Parliament shortly, were underlined Sunday during the examination of this bill by deputies and representatives of different concerned sectors, who made proposals of amendments.

Speaking as part of the examination of this bill by the Committee on Health, Social Affairs, Labour and Vocational Education of the People’s National Assembly, the participants underlined the “major improvements” in this bill compared to that in effect since 1985.

For the director general of Social Security at the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security Djawad Bourkai, the new draft of the bill “includes all the aspects relating to health as well as all the population groups, and considers the system of national health as a network comprising the private and the public sectors.”

Underlining the main achievements of the health sector in the past few years, he underlined that the issue of medicines “is totally handled by the State and that it is no longer a problem,” pointing out that the national coverage of medicines “exceeds what is recommended by the World Health Organizations (WTO).”

Welcoming the “significant improvements” in the new bill, the head of the National Council of Medical Association Bekkat Berkani emphasized the provisions inherent to the decentralization through the implementation of regional health agencies as well as the autonomy of pharmacy agencies.

He, however, lamented the fact that the bill hasn’t provided for a national body of prevention against some illnesses, as well as a health surveillance agency.

For his part, the director of disability prevention at the Ministry of National Solidarity, Family and Women’s affairs lamented the absence of a provision for a specialized care for old people suffering from mental and neurological disorders.

In this regard, another proposal was submitted by a member of the committee to include an article imposing screening at birth to better predict all sorts of diseases and reduce the costs of patient care.


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