Algeria, December 2, 2017


Kenya’s Transport and Tourism Ministries Push for Improved Investment in Kisumu County.

Kenya’s Transport and Tourism Ministries have called for increased investment in the country’s lake-side Kisumu County to boost tourism in the lake region, the two government bodies said developing the County would help increase revenue for Kenya’s tour and travel sector.

The country’s Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is currently working to rehabilitate and expand Kisumu International Airport, the third-busiest airfield in Kenya and the nation’s fourth international airport. The upgrade is aimed at increasing efficiency of air transport, reducing travel time for visitors and reducing traffic congestion in the region.

These developments come just days after Kenya’s government announced plans to construct an International Convention Center in Kisumu. Najib Balala, the country’s Minister for Tourism, said the government plans to ride on conferencing, which has been a great success in the capital of Nairobi, having attracted foreign investment through high profile international meetings.

Brand Kenya, a marketing team from the country’s Trade and Industry Ministry, says the rehabilitation of Kisumu Airport involves the construction of a terminal building and the extension of the airfield’s runway.

“This will greatly improve business prospects and encourage tourism in the lake region,” Brand Kenya officials said in a recent address.

According to Kenya’s Tourism Board, the body responsible for marketing the country as a preferred travel destination, Kisumu was awarded City Status in 2001 and has since grown into an attractive urban centre.

The City hosts one of Kenya’s largest open markets and is famous for its Impala Sanctuary, a holding area for animals which require special protection.


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