Algeria, December 2, 2017


Barclays reduces shareholding in Absa

Barclays on Friday announced a further reduction of its shareholding in Barclays Africa (Absa), to 14.9%.

It follows a similar transaction in June, whereby Barclays reduced its total interest in Barclays Africa to 23.4% from 50.1%.

In that transaction, 1.5% would be contributed by Barclays to a broad-based black economic empowerment scheme, while 7.0% would be taken up by the Public Investment Corporation on a deferred completion, subject to receipt of all necessary regulatory approvals by the PIC, following which Barclays’ total interest in Barclays Africa would be approximately 15%.

On 4 September 2017, a transaction was effected in which the 1.5% stake in Barclays Africa was transferred from Barclays to an interim B-BBEE structure which was established by Barclays Africa, and accordingly Barclays’ total interest in Barclays Africa was reduced to 21.9%.

The intention is that these shares will be held in the interim B-BBEE structure for a period before ultimately being applied towards a new Barclays Africa B-BBEE scheme.

Barclays said that further details will be announced in due course.

Following the contribution to the interim B-BBEE structure and the transfer to the PIC, Barclays’ total interest in Barclays Africa is at 14.9%.

Barclays indicated that this represents its desired long term shareholding in Barclays Africa and that no further sales are planned at this time.


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