Algeria, November 23, 2017


Algeria interested in Belarusian oil adsorbents

Algeria has an interest in buying Belarusian materials for oil adsorption, Yevgeny Vvedensky, director of the exhibition company Belinterexpo of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, told a press conference on 22 November, BelTA informs. “This year, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the State Science and Technology Committee, and the Education Ministry took an active part in foreign exhibitions and demonstrated their achievements. Although scientific developments are in demand everywhere, we should choose them carefully for every country and region so that they correspond to their economic needs and the subject of the exhibition. Algeria, for instance, showed interest in special materials developed by Belarusian scientists, which help adsorb oil spills. The talks are underway. Cuba has an interest in Belarus' solutions in electric transport,” Yevgeny Vvedensky said. He underlined that the fields of research of Belarusian scientists are quire diverse. This is why they have much to offer to foreign customers. “Every country and region is interested in scientific solutions in certain fields, say, agriculture or information technologies. Belarusian developers can offer their achievements in all sorts of fields,” Yevgeny Vvedensky added.


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