Algeria, August 2, 2017


Algeria: Commercial activity increased in the first quarter of 2017

Commercial activity increased in the first quarter of 2017 in Algeria, particularly in agri-food and textiles sectors, but stock-outs were noted for some products, according to an opinion poll, conducted by the National Office of Statistics (ONS) to 533 business leaders (all legal sectors).

According to the survey, most retailers complained about delays in supply, which they said were long, and also deplored remoteness, dispersion of supply centers and slowness of acquisition of goods formalities.

Almost half of the wholesalers and over 11% of retailers surveyed report stock shortages of products, mainly raw materials, semi-finished products and machinery and equipment.

It was also noted that about 34% of wholesalers and 74% of retailers affected by this survey were supplied to the private sector only, mainly raw materials and semi-finished products and machinery and equipment.

But more than 65% of the wholesalers have been supplied to the public and private sector at the same time, particularly those of the food and drugstore, hardware, appliances and perfumery.

In terms of product acquisition prices, they were rated as “higher” by about 22% of wholesalers and almost 87% of retailers, including agri-food, fuel and lubricants. Traders found them more stable.

On the other hand, nearly 88% of wholesalers and nearly 70% of surveyed retailers bought their firsthand goods, while more than 30% of surveyed retailers, including textile and drug stores, hardware, household appliances and perfumery , bought them as second or thirdhand.

The satisfaction rate of orders for products is judged to be more than 50% compared to the expressed needs, according to 89% of wholesalers and more than 73% of retailers surveyed, mainly those of agro-food, fuels and lubricants.


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