Algeria 2, June 18, 2017



The correction of the copies of the examination of the tank will pass to the higher speed after the Eid el Fitr.

It is from today Sunday that the operation of the correction of the copies of the examination of the baccalaureate semester 2017 will begin through correction centers distributed on the national territory. This operation, for which the Ministry of Education has mobilized for the first time some 30,000 teachers, will last 20 days.
The sacred month obliges, the corrector teachers would have received authorization from the ministry to correct the copies during the evenings of Ramadhan, after el iftar. This, pending the end of this month to move to higher gear. To facilitate the task and the mission for teachers, the Minister of Education instructed, according to a source consistent with the Ministry of Education, All the directors of education in wilayas to bring together a pleasant framework for teachers. In addition, Benghabrit also instructed his directors, according to our source, to monitor in person the progress of the baccalaureate examination. Replacement of candidate names by codes at the copy assembly centers.
In addition, and to avoid the mistakes of past years, the directors of education wilaya, were instructed this year, to follow closely the correction operation. In fact, they were asked to be permanently present in the correction centers. 'The minister does not want to hear any more about the scenes of the' Anarchy that usually characterize correction centers, due to the lightness of some teachers-correctors, 'said our interviewee. Concerned, moreover, of the transparency and fairness of the operation of the correction of the copies of the candidates, the first person in charge of the education sector recommended to his collaborators, to ask the correctional teachers to be more just And more responsible. In this wake, moreover, one learns from our source, a note would have been transmitted to the teachers-correctors not only to note the answers of the pupils according to the copy-reference. But also to try to understand the other answers of the students, while of course conforming to the model scale. In this respect, It should be noted that the answers in certain subjects, such as philosophy for example, are rarely consensual. Similarly, for the matter of mathematics known for the multiplicity of methods to arrive at the resolution of an exercise.
Thus in the note sent to the education authorities at the level of the wilayas Benghabrit insisted that 'the teacher must give more importance to the methods followed by the pupils than to be contented solely with the final result. It should be noted that the copies of the students will be reassembled, once the corrections have been completed, at the assembly centers for the recording of the notes according to the names of the candidates. It is this operation which will enable the National Office of Examinations and Competitions (Onec) Have the results of all students and institutions across the country.
It is on the basis of these results that Onec establishes the final percentage of success at the national bac for the 2017 baccalaureate. July 15th.
The success rate at the bac last year was 49, 75%. A rate that was judged to be very high. The ferry last year did not happen in ideal conditions. Due to the leakage of subjects, the supervising ministry had to organize a second session, particularly for students in science, foreign languages ​​and management sciences. Unlike the bac semester 2016, the bac this year took place globally under acceptable conditions; Without leakage of subjects or the slightest anarchy in examination centers.
The Minister of Education will organize today a press conference. She will definitely go back in detail on how the 2017 session tray runs.


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