Algeria 2, June 18, 2017


DUE TO A BROKEN BREAKDOWN OF FOOD STOCKS Chicken ''threatens'' to flame

If this crisis persists, the price of white meat can easily reach the top of 1000 DA per kilogram.

Poultry farmers caution against a possible rise in prices for eggs and white meats. They noted a shortage of poultry feed due to the blocking of imports. A situation which they believe will undoubtedly lead to a price increase that has never been recorded in the past.
This crisis unfolded immediately following the freezing of the quota of raw materials inherent in the production of these foods, like soya and phosphate, whose quantities imported into Algeria reached up to five billion tons per year. But with the application of the austerity policy and the blocking of imports they do not exceed 2.5 million tons. A downturn that is of great concern to producers and breeders, this situation has had a pejorative effect on the poultry market. They are all the more concerned about the proportions that could be taken at the national level.
Although suddenly, this situation has already affected some regions of the country, it is pointed out, citing as example the wilaya of Setif, which is considered pioneer in the production of these foods as well as poultry farming, Where the signs of this crisis are perceptible. Indeed, many factories were forced to put the key under the doormat.
According to the declarations of the president of the poultry breeding association of this wilaya, Kadour Osmani, Effect of a shock among poultry and poultry producers. He said that this material is currently not available at the warehouses and ports, saying this means we are already in crisis. A national crisis that concerns all other wilayas.
For the official, the reduction in the quantities imported had disastrous consequences on this market, indicating that the decision to limit these imports to 167 licenses is beneficial, but this sector requires special management as regards the importation of ' Poultry mothers ', to put an end to the disorder that characterizes this market.
Regarding the exploitation of reserves, Osmani said that if the crisis persists, The damage that will follow will be unfortunate, knowing that if the birds are deprived of their food for more than 24 hours, it will be death assured.
Moussa Bourakaâ, who has invested in the production of poultry feed, also warns, warning that if a solution is not quickly found, many workers in this sector risk being unemployed. In addition, the price of white meat can easily reach the top of 1000 DA per kilogram, just less than red meat. For eggs suitable for consumption, it will be 50 DA for the unit.
As a result, the stakeholders appeal to actors active in this sector, Urging them to find an alternative that would provide the materials for the production of poultry feed in order to avoid the worst.
It should be noted that the Department of Commerce recently announced that it had issued some 167 import licenses out of the 228 requests examined by the Technical Secretariat of the Interministerial Commission for the Review of Applications for Import Licenses for Fodder, Livestock and poultry feed, were issued at the end of the work of the said commission, said a statement from the Ministry of Commerce. The Committee referred in the examination of the dossiers to technical and objective standards and methods, Priority should be given to the economic operators producing these foods in a transparent manner. This is not the view of some importers who say they detect 'opacity in the attribution of these licenses'.


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