Algeria, June 8, 2017


Algeria-Milk Production: Tamanrasset produces 11,600 liters / day

Tamanrasset province distributes currently 11,600 liters per day of pasteurized milk in sachets, and is working to increase its production, local trader said on Tuesday.

The dairy “Assekrem”, with a theoretical capacity of 50,000 l / day, works to satisfy the needs of milk and “lben” (fermented milk) of the population in Tamanrasset and the surrounding localities, especially in the month of Ramadhan where demand is more important, explained Sofiane Messaâd.

Considered to be one of the largest investment projects in the region, this economic entity is working to expand its production range, milk and derivatives, requiring an increase in its quota to 120 tonnes / month (currently 36 tonnes) of milk powder to meet the needs of the province, or some neighboring areas like In-Guezzam and Tin-Zaouatine (far south of the province) which are experiencing a shortage of milk insufficient quantity, he added.


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