January 18, 2020


Tej Kohli Foundation Moves One Step Closer to the Regeneration of Corneal Tissue to Cure Blindness

The Tej Kohli Foundation has moved one step closer to a non-surgical treatment for corneal blindness as it prepares to enter into a collaboration with researchers in Montreal, Canada and Moorfields Eye Hospital, UK to develop the Foundation’s recently acquired proprietary technology into an injectable biosynthetic ‘glue-filler’.

The biosynthetic solution is a liquid form that sets as a gel at body temperature and which can then"...

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January 17, 2020


Mundipharma Enters Partnership With Samsung Bioepis to Expand Biosimilars Into Hong Kong and Taiwan

Mundipharma today announced a partnership with Samsung Bioepis to commercialize Samsung Bioepis’ first-wave biosimilar candidates in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The partnership covers Samsung Bioepis’ biosimilar candidates in the field of immunology and oncology, including SB5 (adalimumab), SB4 (etanercept), SB3 (trastuzumab), and SB8 (bevacizumab).

Through the partnership,"...

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January 15, 2020


Telkom shares in healthy recovery after sell-off shock

JOHANNESBURG – Partially state-owned Telkom jumped 6.84 percent to close at R35 on the JSE on Monday, signalling that it had recovered from last week’s major sell-off.

Telkom fell to R29.85 a share on Thursday, the lowest level in six years following an aggressive sell-off by international investors.

The share price had a tumultuous year, having fallen from"...

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January 15, 2020


Takeda to Outline Progress on Business Transformation and Priorities at the 38th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (TOKYO:4502/NYSE:TAK) (“Takeda”) will provide an update on the progress of its business transformation and priorities today at the 38th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. President and Chief Executive Officer, Christophe Weber, will share details on Takeda’s portfolio and pipeline strategy, financial outlook, and ongoing sustainability efforts, including its newly established commitment to carbon neutrality across its value chain. “Last year was an important and successful year for Takeda as we accelerated our transformation to become a leading global biopharmaceutical company,” said Mr. Weber. “Our commitment to bringing better health and a brighter future to patients worldwide continues as we expand our global brands and advance our next-generation pipeline, driving sustainable growth. We also recognize that......

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January 15, 2020


Covetrus Enters Into Definitive Agreement to Divest scil animal care to Heska

Covetrus (NASDAQ: CVET), a global leader in animal-health technology and services, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its scil animal care business (“scil”) to Heska Corporation (“Heska”) (NASDAQ: HSKA) for a purchase price of $125 million in cash, subject to customary closing adjustments.

The transaction is expected to close in the next 60 to 90 days, subject to customary closing conditions."...

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January 15, 2020


Cost Management Is the Scientific, Methodical and Process Driven Buzz Word for Sustainability in Healthcare Industry

The Cost Diagnosis

The medical industry is always advancing the accuracy of diagnosis for better treatment. A transition from a 64 slice CT scan to 128 and then 256 to 320 slice CT scan produces enhanced diagnosis capabilities. However, when it comes to financial health, industry perception still lies in traditional approaches to cost reduction measures. Occupancy and ARPOB is the yardstick and EBIDTA is targeted with a top-down approach.


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January 15, 2020


Fakih IVF welcomed over 8,000 patients with high success rates

Fakih IVF, one of the leading infertility centers in the GCC welcomed over 8,000 patients in the past year, demonstrating a success rate of 65%. To further extend their support to individuals battling infertility, the fertility center is running a campaign “New Year, New beginnings and a new chance at parenthood” with a hope of raising public awareness and educating individuals about the various treatment options available to better address this issue.


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January 15, 2020


GNT Pharma's Anti-dementia Drug 'crisdesalazine' Demonstrates Efficacy in Phase III Clinical Study with Companion Dogs with Dementia

GNT Pharma has successfully completed a Phase III clinical trial for crisdesalazine, a new drug for treating canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome or Alzheimer’s disease. In the clinical study conducted with 48 companion dogs with severe cognitive dysfunction at 7 veterinary hospitals including Seoul National University Animal Hospital, crisdesalazine-treated group demonstrated outstanding and significant efficacy compared to the placebo group in canine cognitive dysfunction rating scale, the primary outcome measure, as well as in canine dementia scale, the secondary outcome measure. Efficacy was identified both at the 4-week and 8-week treatment in companion dogs that received 5 mg/kg or 10 mg/kg of crisdesalazine. No adverse events were found in relation with the administration of crisdesalazine. Davis research group at the University of California reported that 28% of companion dogs aged 11%12 and 68% of such dogs aged 15%16 suffer from cognitive dysfunction. As lifespan of companion dogs increases thanks to the advancement in veterinary science and healthcare,......

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January 14, 2020


BLEED OUT Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion

Patient Safety Movement Foundation: WHAT: After a routine partial hip replacement operation leaves his mother in a coma with permanent brain damage, a son’s video diary becomes a citizen’s investigation into American healthcare. Shot over the course of 10 years, using archival footage, verite scenes, undercover spy cams, courtroom testimony and interviews with family and experts, BLEED OUT goes deep inside the flawed healthcare system. WHY: Many Americans are unaware that preventable medical errors in hospitals are the third leading cause of death in the United States, behind only cancer and heart disease. Shedding light on this issue can empower patients to take control of their hospital experience and more importantly, may even save their lives. This event brings Members of Congress, Congressional staff, and other stakeholders......

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January 14, 2020


Biolog-id LLC Partners with LifeServe Blood Center to Implement Cutting-Edge Blood Product Inventory Management Ecosystem

Biolog-id LLC, a world leader in connected solutions for blood and other high value health products, announced today that LiveServe Blood Center, the leading provider of blood products in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota, will implement Biolog-id’s cutting-edge technology solution in its blood supply chain. The technology solution provides real-time visibility into blood product location and movement, providing actionable data to streamline inventory and improve efficiencies to maximize return on donation. Patients,"...

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