October 29, 2014


Practical measures of prevention against Ebola intensified in Tamanrasset

The health services of Tamanrasset will intensify the practical measures of the prevention against Ebola disease, local officials said Tuesday.

Those measures, already applied on the ground are grouped into three forms, namely the training of private doctors settled in the border areas like In-Guezzam and Tin-Zaouatine, about the appropriate behavior in case of the"...

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October 28, 2014


Ebola: Algeria closes borders and forbids Africans to enter it

Health department in coordination with provincial authorities in the province of Adrar (south of Algeria) took measures to fight Ebola virus. This comes as a first infection case was reported in Mali.

Authorities decided to continue closing borders and forbid Africans to enter Timiaouine and Bordj Badji Mokhtar, border areas between Algeria and Mali.


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October 27, 2014


Alembic Pharma Arm Forms JV With Adwiya Mami SARL Algeria

Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd. said its 100 percent subsidiary Alembic Global Holding S.A. (AGH) had announced the joint venture deal with Adwiya Mami SARA Algeria.

The deal envisages investment by AGH to the extent of 49 percent equity of Adwiya Mami. Post conclusion of deal, the company will be renamed as 'Alembic Mami SPA", company said.


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October 26, 2014


Eminent Dubai Ophthalmologist honored at the House of Lords in London

Internationally acclaimed Dubai-based Consultant Ophthalmologist, Medical Director and Associate Professor at the Imperial Healthcare Institute, Dr. Vinod Gauba has been awarded the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Gold Medal 2014 for his impressive contributions to healthcare. Known for his constant drive to help the less fortunate and visually impaired, the eminent doctor was presented with the award for his pioneering role in the field of ophthalmology at the House of Lords in London earlier this week.


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October 23, 2014


Thuraya partners with SOS Children’s Villages to connect remote communities in the Central African Republic

Thuraya Telecommunications Company, a leading Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) operator today announced its partnership with SOS Children’s Villages International’s Gulf Area Office to bring satellite connectivity to remote communities in the Central African Republic (CAR). The collaboration facilitates communication between SOS Children’s Villages in the CAR, helping the charitable organization connect its programs as well"...

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October 21, 2014


No cases of Ebola recorded in Algeria, affirms minister

No cases of Ebola virus were recorded in the region of Tamanrasset or elsewhere over the national territory Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Abdelmalek Boudiaf, affirmed Monday in In-Guezzam Locality (Tamanrasset, 1970 km south of Algiers).

While accompanying the Premier Abdelmalek Sellal, on working and inspection visit to In-Guezzam, the minister"...

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October 21, 2014


Boehringer Ingelheim Initiates Global Phase III Study Investigating nintedanib* in Patients with Colorectal Cancer Refractory to Standard Treatments

• LUME-COLON 1 will evaluate the efficacy and safety of nintedanib* in specific patients with colorectal cancer, whose disease has progressed on previous treatment

• The study builds on the early efficacy sign observed in previous studies with nintedanib* in colorectal and lung cancer

• The study will enrol more than 750 patients at 150 sites worldwide, with locations"...

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October 19, 2014


Health Insurance Companies on the Abu Dhabi Residency Website

General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Abu Dhabi received a memorandum from the Health Authority- Abu Dhabi, which includes the updated list of approved health insurance companies by the authority.

Health Authority- Abu Dhabi expressed their appreciation for the continuous cooperation with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in"...

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October 19, 2014


Abu Dhabi Medical Efforts Hailed in Organizing the Pan Medical Conference

Many of the physicians participating in the Pan Medical Conference “Women’s Health”, hailed the outstanding efforts of the Abu Dhabi Police Medical Services in organizing the conference, and in attracting the best consultants to showcase the latest medical developments in the field of women’s health through the Pan Medical Conference.

Dr. Hassan Shehata,"...

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October 18, 2014


Algiers to have priority in improvement of health care

Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Abdelmalek Boudiaf said Thursday that Algiers represents "a significant share" of the total volume of health care production.

"Since Algiers is a showcase of the country, it will be given priority in the improvement of health care by the valuation of the available resources in addition to the upgrading of existing"...

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