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December 10, 2016


Petrochemistry: Sonatrach in talks with foreign partners for 5 projects

Sonatrach is currently conducting talks with various international technology partners for the achievement of 5 petrochemical joint ventures, national group CEO Amine Mazouzi said on Wednesday in Algiers.

Speaking following the signing ceremony of the contract with the Japanese group JGC, Mazouzi said the ventures concern a project of ethane and LPG cracker complex of 1 million tons of ethylene, a project of PDH PP complex with a capacity of 600,000"...

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December 8, 2016


Hydrocarbons: Sonatrach banks on 11% rise in exports in 2016

Sonatrach hydrocarbon exports will reach 109 million of ton oil equivalent (TOE) in 2016 against 98 million of ton oil equivalent in 2015, a noticeable increase of 11%,announced Wednesday in Algiers this national company’s CEO Amine Mazouzi.

“This increase shows a rise in our primary hydrocarbon production from the second half of 2016,” said Mazouzi in the signing ceremony of an agreement between Sonatrach and Japanese group JGC.


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December 7, 2016


OPEC, non OPEC countries to meet Saturday in Vienna

Russia's energy ministry said Tuesday the holding of a meeting in Vienna on Saturday between the main oil-producing countries, members or nor of the OPEC, in a bid to finalize an agreement on supply reduction to raise prices.

Russian Minister of Energy, Alexander Novak is expected to attend the meeting set to take place on December 10th in Vienna, a spokesman for the ministry said.


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December 6, 2016


Algeria can successfully achieve its renewable energy development programme

The secretary general of the international Association of the Very Large Power Grid Operators (GO15), Alain Steven, said Monday in Oran, that Algeria is in a position to be successful make a success of its renewable energy development programme.

"Algeria has all the aces to make a success of its renewable energy development programme, considering its natural resources, its climate and the available technologies," said Steven, an international expert,"...

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December 5, 2016


Managed pressure drilling market to top $4.6bn

The global managed pressure drilling services market is likely to cross $4.6 billion over the next five years with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.8 per cent during the period, according to an expert.

Growing energy demand coupled with declining production in onshore fields would drive the demand for new drillings, particularly in the offshore region, stated MarketsandMarkets, a leading business research firm, in its report “Managed Pressure Drilling Services Market by Technology - Global Trends and Forecasts to 2021.”

Apart from this, the success of...

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December 1, 2016


OPEC: Boutarfa “confident” about reaching agreement

Minister of Energy Noureddine Boutarfa said Wednesday, in Vienna, that he is “confident” that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will reach, in its ministerial meeting, an agreement to cut its production.

“I can say that we are about to reach an agreement and I hope to reach it by the end of the meeting,” he told APS on the sidelines of the opening of the organization’s ordinary meeting.


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December 1, 2016


Iranian-Iraqi conspiracy to foil Algeria’s endeavor

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries are expected to meet on Wednesday to examine an Algerian proposition to cut production or a cut in crude production. Iran and Iraq wants to foil the Algeria Agreement and distract the decision to reduce each country’s production share, Echorouk has learnt.

According to senior officials, the Algerian ministry received official reports from the OPEC’s administration office. They showed that Iran and Iraq tried to affect the Algeria Agreement on oil price.


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November 28, 2016


Energy: Sonatrach, ENI sign several cooperation agreements

The national hydrocarbon company Sonatrach and Italian group ENI signed, in Rome, several cooperation agreements in various energy areas, said Saturday a communiqué of Sonatrach.

These agreements “are part of the strengthening of the historic partnership between the two companies which have strengthened the long-term relations in the upstream activity and the marketing of natural gas and liquefied natural gas,” added the source.


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November 28, 2016


African oil producing countries support OPEC efforts to stabilize the markets

The African Petroleum Producers' Association (APPA) has expressed their support to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) efforts to stabilize the oil markets, ahead of the cartel meeting scheduled next Wednesday in Vienna to implement Algiers Agreement.

The APPA "expresses its support to Algiers Agreement and joins the efforts aiming at the stabilization of oil markets of OPEC member countries," said its president Adama Toungara,"...

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November 27, 2016


Medserv is re-awarded contract for logistics support to Eni North Africa

Medserv has been re-awarded a contract by Eni North Africa (EniNa) to provide a logistics base and associated services for its exploration activities offshore and onshore Libya.

The contract, which comes into effect on January 1, is for a period of one year, with the possibility of extending for another year. The services are to be carried out at the company’s base at Malta Freeport.


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